Interesting Matt Cain Article

I ran across this article on another blog, and it seems to go along nicely with my Matt Cain piece. He uses a different approach to support a similar conclusion: win-loss records do not always show the true ability of a pitcher.


3 Responses to Interesting Matt Cain Article

  1. WillB says:

    I agree with the author’s point about win-loss record being a misleading indicator of a pitcher’s performance. He made one lesser claim, though, that caught my eye:

    “and [pitchers] have no control over the run support they receive.”

    Technically untrue. After all, Cain does pitch in the NL. Maybe he’d have had more wins last year if he could have hit a few more homers. Come on, Matt, let’s work on that .226 slugging percentage!

  2. triplesalley says:

    Here’s the updated methodology. Cleaner, easier, and (should be) more accurate.

  3. uoduckfan33 says:

    Ha, that’s true. But pitchers are asked to bunt a lot, so probably not much room for improvement…

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