All-Star Break Checkup

In my last post, I wrote about the value that Mariner outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki, brings to the team. Using that same Runs Above Average (RAA) statistic created to weight offensive and defensive production fairly, I went ahead and rated all the every-day and semi-every-day players this season. Just for fun, let’s start with the All-Star teams.

*The stat posted next to each player is his RAA, an estimation of how many runs he contributes to his team in place of an average player; positive numbers are good, negative numbers are bad. Here we go with the American League Starters:

1B Mark Teixeira                22.97

2B Aaron Hill                      11.02

3B Michael Young                2.49

SS Derek Jeter                   19.05

C Joe Mauer                       44.07

LF Jason Bay                       11.10

CF Josh Hamilton                 6.61 (Only 168 plate appearances)

RF Ichiro Suzuki                  32.47

And the National League:

1B Albert Pujols                   61.78 (#1 on the charts!)

2B Chase Utley                    42.18

3B David Wright                  12.52

SS Hanley Ramirez              29.55

C Yadier Molina                   3.04

LF Raul Ibañez                    23.24

CF Shane Victorino              5.52

RF Ryan Braun                     28.00

As expected, often times a player’s bat and/or reputation get him into the all-star game starting lineup, regardless of his season production or defensive prowess. In all fairness, a player is generally able to help the team more with his bat than with his glove, but here are some honorable mentions that perhaps deserved a shot at starting…


2B/OF   Ben Zobrist    39.73

1B        Russell Branyan  28.18

OF        Justin Upton    26.46

SS        Jason Bartlett    26.10

OF        Carl Crawford    24.80

1B/3B  Kevin Youkilis  22.25


OF        Matt Kemp     31.05

3B        Pablo Sandoval    23.82

CF         Jayson Werth   22.48

C          Brian McCann    14.26

And now, of all the regulars, here are my All-NOT-Star Teams

American League

OF Jose Guillen          -26.30 (worst regular in the Majors this season!)

OF Vernon Wells        -24.78

SS Orlando Cabrera      -20.24

OF Magglio Ordoñez     -13.50

2B Jose Lopez                -13.00

3B Mike Lowell            -10.48

1B Jason Giambi         -9.33

C Dioner Navaro        -7.35

National League

OF Brian Giles                -22.15

3B Emilio Bonifacio      -12.83

OF Andre Ethier           -12.45

OF Alfonso Soriano         -10.10

SS Jimmy Rollins        -10.52

2B Kelly Johnson         -6.63

C Jason Kendall         -6.60

1B Daniel Murphy       -6.11

At one point or another, a lot of these guys were true all stars themselves. But age, injury or just a flat-out slow start has taken its toll, and they get to be on my NOT All-star team.


2 Responses to All-Star Break Checkup

  1. WillB says:

    Is there a minimum AB cut-off for your All-NOT Star team? Just curious as to whether sample size is distorting some of these numbers.

    • uoduckfan33 says:

      There is a minimum of 250 plate appearances for everyone on the list except Josh Hamilton. Of course, with only half a season gone, great players can get stuck in funks that don’t represent their true abilities. Poor luck with low BABIPs and homers per fly ball and such may be the primary culprit with some of these NOT All stars. The runs above (or below) average, however, is prorated for how many games and plate appearances that each player has, and UZR takes that into account as well. So these are actual estimations of runs saved (or lost), as opposed to averages and ratios which don’t convey sample size.

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