And There it is, Washburn’s Gone

The Ms announced a trade today that sent Jarrod Washburn to the Tigers for southpaws, Luke French (pictured) Luke Frenchand Mauricio Robles.

This season, Washburn is as good as he’s ever been, and there’s only one direction for him to go. Indicators tell me that he’s not likely be any better than a full run above his current ERA for the rest of the season, and at 34 his value will only depreciate.

French was just recently called up to the majors and will probably stay on Seattle’s Major League roster. His strikeout rates were never great up through AA, but this season with the AAA Toledo Mud Hens he recorded 72 Ks in just more than 80 innings, good for an above-average 8 Ks per 9 innings. Throughout his short minor league career, he has allowed less than a home run per game (1 per game is kind of a magic cut off), and he keeps his walks down. He’s only 23 years old, and has time and room to grow.

Robles was playing in High A ball for the tigers this season, only his second season of professional baseball. So far it looks like his control is a little sketchy, but he has high strike out potential, posting more than 9 Ks per 9 innings over his first two seasons. Though it started high, his walk rate has dipped significantly from 5.32 in his first season to 4.04 this season. Perhaps control is something he’ll learn with age, being only 20 years old!  Robles adds to the M’s minor league pitching depth, and while predictions are tough this early, the more arms to choose from the better for new GM, Jack Zduriencik.


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  1. […] to do. Of course, Detroit arguably ended up getting him for less, perhaps somewhat by default. This Mariner fan is happy, since the Mariners at least build up some pitching depth for someone they likely wouldn’t […]

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