Don’t be Afraid of the Name

Indians Blue Jays BaseballLooking for a back-end starter for your fantasy team plagued by injuries to pitchers like Erik Bedard? Look no further than Marc Rzepczynski of the Blue Jays, owned in only 1.6% of ESPN leagues. His peripherals show that he’s got stuff, with a high strikeout rate and decent K/BB ratio. His current ERA and WHIP are 3.25 and 1.30, and it would not be unlikely to see him finish out the season under 3.60 and 1.35. Not exactly an ace, but worth a couple spot starts. With a decent ERA and WHIP, a ton of strikeouts, and that Toronto offense behind him, Rzepczynski can help you in 4 conventional stat categories.

Update: On Wednesday, Rzepczynski went up against the New York Yankees. He went six innings, gave up four runs, and recorded seven strikeouts versus only five hits and a walk. Though his ERA was a lofty 6.00,  he would still have been able to help your fantasy team out in Ks and WHIP (1.00).


3 Responses to Don’t be Afraid of the Name

  1. Taenae says:

    but how the f do you say his name?

    • uoduckfan33 says:

      Marc. It’s like Mark.

      Actually the R is silent, so according to something I found on google, its:

  2. urbandaddy says:

    You are correct.

    And we are expecting great things from him this year. Considering how horrible the Toronto Maple Leafs are this year and that the Jays traded away Roy Halladay, AND that we are in the same division as the Yankees, Red Sox and to a smaller extent the Rays (nee: Devil Rays) like in Toronto this summer is going to be pretty rough unless these young pitchers (they have 13 in camp vying for the starting 5) come out and Vernon Wells comes out to play.

    Otherwise it’ll be Go M’s!!!

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