Another New Face in Seattle

With Beltre’s -ahem- ball tear, the Mariners added experienced utitility man, Bill Hall, to the roster. Hall has played at least 100 games at four different positions, though his best defense is played at third where he is likely to see the most time with the Ms.

Bill Hall

Strengths: According to both Baseball-reference and Fangraphs, while Hall’s overall defense playing 4 positions is average, his defense at third is his best, and significantly above average. He has shown power over the course of his career, hitting 20 home runs for every 162 games played, and 35 in 2006 alone.

Weaknesses: Hall’s On-base Percentage (OBP) is awful. He has never gotten on base very frequently due to a low walk rate, and he strikes out a lot leading to an awful 3.29 strikeout-to-walk rate (the MLB average is only 2 strikeouts per every walk). Though his slugging percentage is significantly better, 0.446 for his career, a balance of OBP and slugging is always more conducive to run scoring.

Hall has been hitting in County Stadium/Miller Park in Milwaukee for his whole career, so Safeco Field should suck his batting numbers down a bit further, being a pitcher’s park. Overall his Runs Above Average value (RAA) in Safeco is expected to be about 5 runs per 162 games, or 1.5 total runs above average for the remainder of the season.

These estimations are based on his career totals since age 25 (2005), and thanks to and as always for their stats! You can check out their links on the side bar.


One Response to Another New Face in Seattle

  1. uoduckfan33 says:

    I used “awful” twice in the same paragraph…pretty darn awful journalism.

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