Top Pitchers this Season

As I was updating Mariner Run Values (RV), and noticing just how good a season Felix is having, I decided to find the top pitchers in each league by RV. Remember, a run value estimates a player’s actual value in terms of runs in place of an average player at his position.

American League…

Player Tm RV
Zack Greinke KCR 36.1
Justin Verlander DET 28.8
Felix Hernandez SEA 26.4
Roy Halladay TOR 24.6
C.C. Sabathia NYY 23.6
Jon Lester BOS 20.4
Josh Beckett BOS 15.8

National League…

Player Tm RV
Tim Lincecum SFG 44.0
Danny Haren ARI 29.3
Chris Carpenter STL 29.4
Javier Vazquez ATL 27.5
Joel Pineiro STL 23.5
Josh Johnson FLA 23.2
Ubaldo Jimenez COL 18.1

Though Greinke is still balling, Sabathia and Verlander are playing for contenders and are more likely to get the nod for the AL Cy Young Award. But if the Mariners make a surprise run at the wild card, and Felix pitches great down the stretch…you just never know. In the NL, Lincecum is playing in his own league, and he should – barring a major lapse – win his second NL Cy Young in as many years.

*You might notice a slight discrepancy between Felix’s RV here, and on the Mariner Values page above. This is because I have recently tweaked the formula to separate out the AL and NL – since the NL tends to score slightly less runs – and I don’t take away run values for unearned runs.


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