New Stats Posted!

I have just updated the Mariners Values page as well as the Stats page (along the top of this page). Ichiro, as always, leads the sputtering offensive charge with a Run Value of 40, good for 4.2 wins contributed. He has many impressive qualities as a hitter, but perhaps his most underrated quality is his ability to avoid grounding into double plays. The double play is about the biggest offensive killer there is, and Ichiro has only hit into ONE this season.

During the other half of innings, Felix Hernandez has dominated the stat lines. Focusing on aspects of his game that he has the most control over, Hernandez strikes out 3.1 batters for ever one that he walks. Jarrod Washburn’s Run Value, however, is much lower because his great ERA while he was in Seattle was more the product of luck and a great defense that actual ability.


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