More Trade Possibilities?

According to ESPN,  the Ms made a deal with the Cubbies to get outfielder Milton Bradley for starter Carlos Silva. In terms of contracts and cap space, Bradley is on the books for two more seasons at an average of $10.5M, and Silva has three years left for an average of $11.7M. So while there’s not a huge difference in Salary, the Mariners got three years less of the slug known as Carlos Silva.

What they’re giving up…

Carlos Silva had one good season: 2005. He strikes out approximately nobody (3.8 K/9 which is less than Chien-Ming Wang), and despite being known as a groundball pitcher, his groundball-flyball ratio has hovered just barely above the league average the last four seasons. His lone saving grace is his control, having walked batters at half the league average rate throughout his career. In terms of Run Values, Silva has averaged just 4.7 runs over an average pitcher each season, meaning his team has been approximately 4.7 runs better over the course of the whole season for having him on the roster.

What they’re getting…

During his career, Milton Bradley has bounced from Montreal to Cleveland to LA to Oakland to San Diego to Texas to Chicago (Cubs) and now to Seattle. He is widely considered a good hitter, sporting an above-average career OPS of 0.821, however attitude and health have always been his downside. Bradley has been known to litter the infield with baseballs in disgust, among other tirades, and he has never played more than 141 games in a season, averaging just 94 games each year. That being said, when he does play, he has proven be a valuable hitter and should be able to boost the Mariner’s anemic offense. The past two seasons he has been able to play 125 games a year with an OPS of 0.890. In terms of Run Values, despite battling injury, Bradley is still 13 runs above average each season, and 18 runs above average since his third season in the league. I would not expect a repeat of his 2008 Run Value of 50, but at 32 he very well could play in 130 games and finish as much as 20 or 25 runs above average. Obviously he is likely to be more valuable than Señor Silva.


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