It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year

Baseball season is upon us, and my M’s start their year off tonight against the Oakland Athletics. The matchup puts

Seattle’s ace, King Felix Hernandez, up against Ben Sheets, a pitcher with all kinds of potential for both success and injury. Between 2005 and 2008, Sheets only pitched 150 innings per year, before being shut down for the entire 2009 campaign. That being said, when he was able to pitch Sheets put up fantastic numbers for the Brew Crew during that time. A 3.45 ERA to go with 7.8 Ks versus just 1.8 BBs every 9 innings. The question mark this season for the A’s will be how many innings they can get out of him.

In all likelihood, tonight’s matchup will be an entertaining pitchers’ duel. We’ve got a pitcher’s park in the Oakland Coliseum, two aces on the mound, and two shitty offenses (Oakland was 10th in the AL last season; the M’s were dead last).

Throughout this season, I will update a special set of Mariner’s stats along the top bar above. For more about the stats you will see, read my article on Run Values. For the first week of the season, I will leave the M’s 2009 stats up.


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