Game 4: Surprise!

Batum and Roy both WILL start this afternoon according to ESPN and TNT.

I think it’s safe to say, that regardless of game four’s outcome, Portland is just about the toughest team in the league this year. Second to only Golden State in games lost due to injury, Portland nabbed the 6th spot in the highly competitive Western Conference and stole game one in Phoenix without its leading scorer. Just eight days removed from knee surgery, Roy will take the floor when the clock still reads 12:00. Batum is penciled in to start as well, after taking a hard fall on his bad shoulder in game 3 and immediately going out for the rest of the game.

There’s no doubt the flow of the game rests on how well these two guys are able to play. Portland’s defense on the Sun’s 2 and 3 guards has been weak at best, making Batum’s exterior defense a necessity. The Blazer’s offense has been horrible the last couple games, too. To score enough points to win they’ll need Roy’s ability to score on his own and open up the court for Webster, Fernandez and Batum to knock down some threes.

I’m EXCITED! Go Blazers.


2 Responses to Game 4: Surprise!

  1. uoduckfan33 says:

    Minor update: McMillan just told Craig Sager that “he wasn’t sure if he would start Roy.” I’m hoping this is just a psychology game…

  2. uoduckfan33 says:

    Roy off the bench with 4 left in the first 🙂

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