Playing in the Cellar

The Ms are 14-22, yet find themselves just 5.5 games out of the AL West lead. To quickly summarize the season… The Ms are scoring 3.3 runs per game, versus a league average of 4.5, and pitching has not performed as well as hoped. Ryan Rowland-Smith has actually walked more guys than he’s struck out, and Felix is hardly being King.

The surprises from the pitching staff this season have been Jason Vargas and Doug Fister, combining for a 2.3 ERA. While neither one has a K/BB ratio that suggests he can continue at this pace, both should be solid back-end starters for the rest of the year.

As for the hitting, I’ve mentioned the phenomenal lack of production at the DH position, but that’s not the only position hitting poorly. Catchers Rob Johnson and Adam Moore sport OPSs of 0.546 and 0.519, respectively, rivaling the Astro’s pitching staff at 0.488. The AL average for catchers is 0.703. After putting Moore on the DL with a “sublexed left fibula,” also known as “excuse to put shitty player on bench,”  the Ms will try out their third catcher today, Josh Bard, who has a career OPS of 0.715.

With Milton Bradley out the past few weeks and Junior more interested in napping than hitting, Ryan Langerhans and Michael Saunders have gotten the call to fill in. Langerhans’ 9 walks in just 30 plate appearances, and Saunders’ early two homeruns give the Ms something to be optimistic about. If Bard can hit at his career average, and Langerhans and Saunders continue to fill in with solid production, that will obviously help the offense out tremendously.

It’s not like the Ms are going to start scoring the league average from today on, but considering they are 4-8 in one-run and extra-inning games, a run here or there could help them go 8-4 in future tight games.

Cliff Lee vs. Matt Garza today in t-minus 3 minutes.

Go Ms!


4 Responses to Playing in the Cellar

  1. Aussie Ryan Rowland-Smith will benefit from the support of fans, and the various layers of the Mariners team. Manager Don Wakamatsu seems like a constructive minded person, which I feel will eventually allow for the best of Rowland-Smith to be unleashed! Nicholas R.W. Henning – Australian Baseball Author

  2. uoduckfan33 says:

    Well I hope he gets comfortable quickly!!!

  3. Droo says:

    Lets lobby the Commish to shorten the games to seven innings. That would double our win total.

  4. uoduckfan33 says:

    Haha, good point. They’ve given up 10 runs in the last 4 8th innings.

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