Changes Coming Slowly

The Mariners took a step in the right direction today, reportedly dumping reliever Sean White after moving Ryan Rowland-Smith to the bullpen. This does two very good things for the Ms. It relieves them of their worst reliever, and finally adds a lefty arm to the pen.

White has the second worst xFIP (more comprehensive ERA metric) of the seven Mariner relievers, and strikes out almost nobody. Not a good quality in a reliever, who needs to be able come in with runners on base and keep them there. Also, Smith could do with a change of role, and perhaps a few favorable lefty-lefty matchups out of the pen.

Also, Milton Bradley is back in the lineup tonight, and he has one of the M’s only 4 hits through 4 innings.

As for the DH woes, Dave Cameron of the USSMariner blog makes a good point about the organization asking Griffey to kindly step down.


One Response to Changes Coming Slowly

  1. Jeff says:

    I for one am glad to see Mike Sweeney getting a chance to play. He plays with heart and shows leadership on and off the field. Josh Bard looks like our everyday catcher for now as the Rob Johnson experiment is not working.Adam Moore has potential in the ling run, but we need an experienced catcher right now. See Ya,

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