Run Values are BACK!

With a slick new computer, to go along with Microsoft Excel 2007, I am now cranking out Run Value stats for the Ms. Normally you will be able to check them weekly on the top bar above under M’s Player Values. I’m still working on the hitters, but here are your pitcher values thus far:

Pitcher Run Value
David Aardsma 2.3
Jesus Colome -1.3
Chad Cordero 0.4
Doug Fister 12.5
Felix Hernandez -0.6
Shawn Kelley -1.7
Brandon League 2.2
Cliff Lee* 12.1
Mark Lowe -0.7
Garrett Olson* 0.4
Ryan Rowland-Smith* -15.9
Ian Snell -11.9
Kanekoa Texeira -1.8
Jason Vargas* 8.1
Sean White -3.5
Team Total -0.4

Basically, Run Value represents a player’s contribution to the team in terms of runs created (offense) or runs saved (fielding and pitching). Jason Vargas, for instance, has done extremely well this season, performing about 8 runs better overall than an AL-average pitcher, while Ryan Rowland-Smith has single-handedly destroyed Mariner’s team pitching statistics. For a more comprehensive understanding of Run Values, check out my explanation.


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