Run AND Win Values

I have updated the Mariner Player Values, and I included Win Values (WV) to give you an idea of how many wins each player has earned or lost the team this year overall. With 94 games played, an average team would have won 47. The Mariners are 11 games below that mark at 36-58, and Win Values suggests that with slightly better luck, they could have been a whopping 37-57.

Just for fun, let’s pretend that Chone Figgins had performed at his 2009 levels, and that Ryan Rowland-Smith and Ian Snell were merely league-average pitchers, instead of the two worst pitchers in the galaxy. In this newfound Utopia, the Mariners would be spared of a combined 7.8 losses between the three amigos, and would have gained about 1.5 wins from Figgy’s above-average 2009 campaign. That’s a turnaround of 9+ wins, making our hypothetical Ms 45-49, nothing impressive, but still likely within single digit games of Texas for the division lead.

It’s amazing how a few bad seasons from guys who should be performing better can really suck a team and a season down the drain. It’s hard to pin this one on Mariners management. Projecting Snell and Smith to be league average and Figgy to continue to produce as he has the last 3 or 4 seasons is hardly a stretch. Really it was a fair expectation. Add in something more-expected from Ken Griffey, Jr. and Casey Kotchman, and all of a sudden this is a winning team, just like we expected at the beginning of the year.


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