Adios, Sweeney and Updated Player Values!

I think the reality of having the worst offense in baseball really started to set in when I just noticed that the 36-year-old Mike Sweeney, with all 99 of his at bats, is (was) the third most productive hitter in the lineup according to Player Values. I’m not trying to slant Sweeney here, but because my Run Values are a cumulative stat, like homers or steals, it’s hard to be third best on your team with a quarter the number of at bats as most guys. This is definitely more  a testament to the futility of the Mariner offense than the brilliance (?) of Sweeney’s bat, but kudos nonetheless.

Sweeney was just traded to Philadelphia last week for either a player to be named later (Crash Davis?) or scrilla. It’s too bad the Ms couldn’t get more for him, but injury-plagued 36-year-olds aren’t hot on the market right now for some reason.


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