I find it impossible not to comment on this point a thousand times: Ryan Rowland-Smith has taken the M’s pitching staff from above average to below average…single-handedly. Check out the run values… If the Ms hypothetically had any of the following pitchers on staff instead of Smith, they could have been 4 or 5 wins better. For one player to make that much of a difference, in either direction, is impressive.

Jeremy Guthrie

Mitch Talbot

Kevin Slowey

Brandon Morrow (didn’t we have him, or something)

Joel Pineiro (him too, right?)

None of these guys are great. Just solid pitchers that have allowed an average number of runs this season. Any one of them, and we’re five wins better. Two of them, say the two we used to have, and we’re about 7 wins better, even with the shitty offense.


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