Giants win again!

The ESPN recap raved a lot about Juan Uribe‘s game-winning sac fly, hurt wrist and all, but the real champs tonight for the Giants were rookies Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey.

Don’t get caught up too much in the 5.79 ERA. In just 4.2 innings, Bumgarner struck out 6 Phillies, walking only 1, and didn’t surrender any long bombs to a team that tends to hit them. On 13 balls in play, the Phillies capitalized with 6 hits, a .461 BABIP that shouldn’t be entirely blamed on Bumgarner. He left the game with 2 outs in the 5th, 2 runners on, and a 2-1 lead. Santiago Casilla promptly gave up a double to Polanco, tacking two more runs onto Bumgarner’s tally. In all of Casilla’s appearances this season, he inherited a total of 47 baserunners from the preceding pitchers and allowed just 6 to score. Casilla didn’t do his job well, and Bumgarner’s ERA took the hit. Great start for the 21-year-old kid.

While Uribe’s sac fly in the ninth was big, it was Posey’s single the at bat before that did the the most damage. That single raised the Giant’s Win Expectancy (WE) from 63% to 82%, a 19% jump. Uribe’s sac then finished the job, raising WE the final 18%. (I also think that a sac fly probably should never earn equal or better praise than a single.) Posey also recorded three other hits on the night, including two doubles. He’s only 23.

The Giants obviously have a lot to look forward to, both in this postseason and in future ones.

By the way, fun fact: the sum of Posey and Bumgarner’s ages is still less than Jamie Moyer‘s.


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