NBA Notes

This is going to be a hodgepodge (a miscellany, or potpourri if you will) of things I find interesting about the NBA. This should be something of a regular occurrence. Often these tid bits will come from stats, but I might even leave my 16.5-dimensional Excel world and talk about real human things…maybe.

Despite one of highest-powered offensive trios in recent history, the Heat are not actually on top of the offensive efficiency chart this season…yet. They are, in fact, 7th by my numbers, and 3rd in Hollinger’s. The Heat are, however, currently leading my charts (and Hollinger’s) in defensive efficiency–least points per possession allowed. I have to believe that the Heat are the best offensive team in the league, and my numbers may very well shape up after a few more weeks. However, it’s possible that teams will be putting so much effort into defending the Big Three, that they will have no energy left to go down and score on the other end. If this trend continues, the Heat’s explosive offensive potential may be its best defense. I’ll keep tabs for you 😉


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