Dustin Ackley Watch

As one Fangraphs reader pointed out, the M’s future second baseman Dustin Ackley is putting up videogame-like numbers in the Arizona Fall League (AFL). In about 80 plate appearances, Ackley has 4 homeruns, 23 walks, 9 strikeouts, 4 steals and has not been caught stealing. His slash line (avg/obp/slg) is .436/.605/.807. Just for fun, this is what his line would look like if we gave him the usual 700 plate appearances at his current pace:

.456/.605/.807, 35HR, 201 BB, 79 Ks, 35 SB, 0 CS. Fantasy monster.

Small sample sizes can be so fun.

While this is a refreshing sign for a franchise that needs all kinds of good news, small sample sizes can’t be extrapolated out for entire seasons. In fact, this article calculated the required number of plate appearances for a players stats to become meaningful. Many stats require at least 300 PA before we can start to take them too seriously, but there’s no doubt Ackley is good. While he won’t hit .456 in the majors, or even .356, we should expect see him in Seattle early next season. After all, Seattle’s future success is tied into him as much as any young player in the minors.


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