The Bad and Good

A USSMariner reader wondered in a forum if perhaps Carlos Peguero had pictures of Eric Wedge kicking puppies. There are not a lot of other explanations as to why he’s on the major league roster. Everyone knows he has power, but if he can’t make contact then it’s no good.

Triple slash line (avg, obp, slugging): .198/.254/.389

League average: .254/.321/.398

You may want to believe, because he’s a cutie and you like him, that his average is going to come up because…well, because. Not with a 32% strikeout rate it won’t. Compare that to his 5% walk rate, and now you understand why his average/OBP is .198/.254, miles below the league clip. Fangraphs’ ZIPS projection system suggests that the rest of the year he will hit .205/.259/.363, which is pretty much zero improvement. Greg Halman is basically Peguero’s clone (29% SO rate, 4% BB rate), providing perhaps a marginal improvement defensively, but not enough to matter a lot. To hold on in the AL West, the Ms are going to need a new left fielder, one that is not currently wearing a Mariners jersey.

On the flip side, in his short time in Seattle, Dustin Ackley has been as good as anyone could have reasonably hoped for. His triple slash lines goes like this: .300/.368/.580, and low BABIP (.279) suggests that he could very well sustain that average and OBP.  He has three HR, two triples and a double in just 50 at bats, good for a 12% extra-base hit percentage. That’s phenomenal. What’s key, though, is his SO/BB numbers. They were good in the minors, and they’re good in the majors (9% SO, 11% BB). The average major leaguer swings at 30% of all balls outside the zone. Ackley 14%. The average major leaguer swings at 46% of all pitches. Ackley 38%. The average major leaguer swings and whiffs  9% of the time. Ackley 5%. Basically, he combines patience with excellent contact, and some decent power for a second baseman.

Peguero Bad. Ackley Good.


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