Old Friends

Earlier this season the Ms traded away both Erik Bedard and Doug Fister, two pitchers that logged a combined 633 innings in Seattle with ERAs of 3.3 and 3.8, respectively. Needless to say, we knew they’d be missed.

Erik Bedard was shipped off to Boston, where he has pitched 32 innings for the Red Sox. His 3.66 ERA is solid, but what’s more impressive to me is that he leads the Red Sox staff in FIP and xFIP. These are pitching stats that are more indicative of true ability than ERA in small sample sizes like 32 innings. Coolstandings estimates that, despite a recent slump, the Red Sox still have a 94% chance at the playoffs, meaning Bedard will likely pitch deeper into October for the first time in his life. Yessssssss.

Doug Fister has put up some pretty fancy numbers in Motown, sporting a sparkling 2.28 ERA. His ERA, FIP and xFIP all lead the Tigers this year…yes, even better than Justin Verlander. He’s not really a better pitcher than Verlander, but he’s pitched like it so far, and I’m sure the Tigers aren’t complaining. Detroit has all but clinched the AL Central, up 12.5 games on the White Sox who only have 15 left to play, so Fister will also be making his first starts in the playoffs.


It’s bitter-sweet to see former Mariners doing well in other places, but there’s a chance we might see one of them back in Seattle soon. Being a free agent at the end of year, and having expressed in the past that he likes Seattle, Bedard may be a candidate for a return visit to the Northwest. Early on in his career Bedard was seen as being “enigmatic and standoffish.” However, reading various reports in recent years, some of that may have changed. While complaining about Bedard’s lack of pitching aesthetics in April, SB Nation’s Jeff Sullivan also added, “I love Erik Bedard to death. I love his talent, I love what he stands for, and I love his unusual and quirky sense of humor. I love his loyalty to the team.” As enigmatic as he may be, he’s a good pitcher who supposedly likes Seattle. That’s good enough for me! I’ll take him back. For now, I can’t help but root for these guys.


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